Morning Latte!!

I prefer a latte to a cup of coffee. I remembered this was apart of my dialogue for one of my novels set to be released in the future. I always seem to model my fictional characters after myself. The ones I don’t model after myself I have a hard time writing. I digress.

This morning I woke up, still in lockdown, but gracious and thankful for a new day. Yes, I am tired and physically exhausted. However, I am grateful that I have another day on this journey towards a greener future. We may not always see the end line now. But know, that the race has to go on. We get weary but don’t stop running. This is your life, run it and complete it with a good finish. Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you!!!

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  1. Waking up….im thankful
    Being bless….im gracious
    Despite everything my body needed to rest from work….even tho I’d prefer to be on an island with a drink that refills itself…lol…i discover that God has another plan but the same result…so i settle down…until my name is

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