March 20, 2020

So I am still in Quarantine Life. Let me tell you as an introvert I love it. It is amazing. So this is the time that I am getting back to basics. Starting projects and completing projects that I had no time for. That I was too busy to complete. During this time I am committed to doing what I need to do to get back to me. Here we are building blogs and new memories while following our dreams.

Let’s go back to how I had a challenging time with building this website. I mean when I first started blogging back in 2016 I did it on a site, I can’t even remember its name. It was so easy and fun. It didn’t have all the fancy tools this one has but it was good enough. Or so I thought.

It was good enough.

It was my little diary I used to document my feelings and emotions. No one really subscribed or listened outside of my five (5) family members but I loved the outlet and exposure. When I tried again in 2018, I was ready to take on the world again. But I was still using the same site as a diary. I was building and growing. I suppose nothing that is meant to be, comes easy. If it does come easy, then it will be short-lived. Those things that take time to build will last a lifetime. There is a lesson in this for all of us.

Fast-forward to today when I reentered the world of blogging. I went on twitter asking which blog was the best and got two hits. I went with the one that stood out and had the best approach. Remember in my first post I stated that ‘it has to speak to you.’ Well, Skystra spoke to me. The service was awesome and they helped me through it. They use these templates from Divi which look fun and amazing, but I am a simple girl. My tastes when it comes to writing is entirely content-based. I really don’t care for how it structurally appears if it’s not hurting my content. So if my readers can still view my content without any issues I am cool. Yet, we are visual people and structurally we want a site with colors and shapes which looks like its worth our time. So, I allowed my tech, whose name is Fred, God Bless Fred, he is the best. Fred helped me divert to a simpler template and he fixed those things that were confusing and walked me through it.

Listen, Ladies and Gents, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park. It was not. I thought it would have been simpler. But apparently website building takes time and precision. Both things that I do not have. Wait. One thing, I do have. Another, ugh I just wing it some times. So I used Fred who made my life so much easier. If you want to try a cloud hosting service that uses WordPress then try Skystra. They have excellent services and their prices aren’t that bad. And if you ask nicely you may get a promo code. But you didn’t hear that one from me.

Emily was the lady I spoke to via their messaging on Twitter. She was so nice and actually wanted to know about the vision I had for my blog, and what I was aiming for with my blog. She was very attentive and concerned about my process of achieving a good outcome with my website building. This team and the site proved to be worth the time and money. Their efforts were appreciated and I am using their services again for my next blog.

Watch out!!

I will be coming to you again!

So later #writefam

Also, lookout for a press release concerning this blog. We going to Hollywood fam!!!

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