I Evolve!!! I am Evolution!!!

So, I was gone for approximately, eleven (11) days not including today.

What I did during my time was reflect.

I realise that I evolve. I am evolution.

We need to give ourselves time to reevaulate and to evolve.

Evolving means that we are changing.

I for one. I hated change.

I felt like change meant something bad was about to happen.

Well, with so much bad things happening in my life I was not wrong feeling that way.

There are many others who probably still feel this way.

Change is good.

We must always see the good in every situation. It will be hard. Trust me I still try and grapple with how my abuse I endured as a teen was for the greater good. I still need to get therapy for all the trauma I had endured.

I have fallen so many times. I had been bitter so many times.

So many times I wanted to give up!!!

Yet, there was always something. And Someone. Holding on to me when I wanted to let go of them. God refused to let me go. He picked me up when I was done. He changed my name and changed me inside out. He has always been there when others had failed.

I am not going to sit here and make you believe I have it all together.

I took eleven (11) days to evolve while I endured a recurring nightmare. To isolate myself. As I have done before and realign myself. I have discovered new things and realised more about myself.

The world was created in six (6) days. Even God rested and isolated himself. He evolved with man and we with him.

I Evolve. I am Evolution.

Press Releases!!!

So I have done it!!!

I have worked with PR individuals who have released and are set to release my Press Releases for my Blog, Podcast and Ebook.

The first release was for my Ebook. The second was for my Podcast. And the last one is set to be released for my blog! I do believe that is the order that I will be receiving my success. First from my Ebook, then from my Podcast. And finally for my Blog.

As I stated in my Podcast yesterday, you will hear about me from all corners of the world. My name will be heard.


Morning Latte!!

I prefer a latte to a cup of coffee. I remembered this was apart of my dialogue for one of my novels set to be released in the future. I always seem to model my fictional characters after myself. The ones I don’t model after myself I have a hard time writing. I digress.

This morning I woke up, still in lockdown, but gracious and thankful for a new day. Yes, I am tired and physically exhausted. However, I am grateful that I have another day on this journey towards a greener future. We may not always see the end line now. But know, that the race has to go on. We get weary but don’t stop running. This is your life, run it and complete it with a good finish. Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you!!!

Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready!!!

This morning is a great start to the five-day workweek. I have been indulging myself in activities that had no time to regularly do. Like this morning. I was able to exercise for fifteen minutes in nature without the hassle of stressing if I would be too late for work. Or without the hassle of stressing over what I had on my plate to do today at work. During this time of lockdown and quarantine, there are many things to consider such as immune health. How are you staying healthy? Well, I personally took a carrot, orange, ginger and mint shot after my exercise. I broke out the juicer and made good clean green juice perfect for immune stability and health. On any regular occasion, I would have been so stressed out and tired from working that I would not have time to take care of my body.

I call shame on myself. I am a podcaster and content creator promoting self-love and self-care, yet some times I let the pressures of my day-to-day compound me so much, that I do not and can not focus on my internal health. It takes me a few days to sit back and realize that I am slipping. It happens to the best of us. We all need focus and discipline. And this time is perfect for me to center around that discipline by focusing on my future goal. As this virus will pass. I know it will. We still have to keep our mind, body, and spirit healthy. Exercise is key.

Yes! I know we will all be at home. But we do not all have to be eating poorly while at home. This period should not be an excuse for our health to diminish if we can prevent it. Eat food that will strengthen your immune health. Exercise around the house. Clean up your home. This virus is opening up our eyes to how hygiene is very important. We must clean around us. We must clean inside and outside our bodies as well. Wash your hands. Clean your bladder. Clean your colon. The fruits and vegetable aisles are still going untouched. Now is the time to touch some lettuce, kale, and spinach and break out the old juicer.

Quarantine is rough for most people, but understand that life is more than social gatherings. This time of isolation is ideal to get centered. Start affirming your faith in a higher power. Start to build up your hope. Start setting daily affirmations for your life. Start or complete projects you had no time for before. Pick up a few skills or perfect the skills you have now.

If you are like me and are preparing to take a new journey in your life. Continue to prepare. Do not let this little delay stop you. When God makes you wait it is for a reason. We are all in the waiting room. There is no shame in waiting. However, like the story in the bible with the five (5) virgins, let us keep our lamps trimmed and burning. When the Lord calls us. Then we must stay ready so we won’t have to get ready.