I Evolve!!! I am Evolution!!!

So, I was gone for approximately, eleven (11) days not including today.

What I did during my time was reflect.

I realise that I evolve. I am evolution.

We need to give ourselves time to reevaulate and to evolve.

Evolving means that we are changing.

I for one. I hated change.

I felt like change meant something bad was about to happen.

Well, with so much bad things happening in my life I was not wrong feeling that way.

There are many others who probably still feel this way.

Change is good.

We must always see the good in every situation. It will be hard. Trust me I still try and grapple with how my abuse I endured as a teen was for the greater good. I still need to get therapy for all the trauma I had endured.

I have fallen so many times. I had been bitter so many times.

So many times I wanted to give up!!!

Yet, there was always something. And Someone. Holding on to me when I wanted to let go of them. God refused to let me go. He picked me up when I was done. He changed my name and changed me inside out. He has always been there when others had failed.

I am not going to sit here and make you believe I have it all together.

I took eleven (11) days to evolve while I endured a recurring nightmare. To isolate myself. As I have done before and realign myself. I have discovered new things and realised more about myself.

The world was created in six (6) days. Even God rested and isolated himself. He evolved with man and we with him.

I Evolve. I am Evolution.

Press Releases!!!

So I have done it!!!

I have worked with PR individuals who have released and are set to release my Press Releases for my Blog, Podcast and Ebook.

The first release was for my Ebook. The second was for my Podcast. And the last one is set to be released for my blog! I do believe that is the order that I will be receiving my success. First from my Ebook, then from my Podcast. And finally for my Blog.

As I stated in my Podcast yesterday, you will hear about me from all corners of the world. My name will be heard.


Morning Latte!!

I prefer a latte to a cup of coffee. I remembered this was apart of my dialogue for one of my novels set to be released in the future. I always seem to model my fictional characters after myself. The ones I don’t model after myself I have a hard time writing. I digress.

This morning I woke up, still in lockdown, but gracious and thankful for a new day. Yes, I am tired and physically exhausted. However, I am grateful that I have another day on this journey towards a greener future. We may not always see the end line now. But know, that the race has to go on. We get weary but don’t stop running. This is your life, run it and complete it with a good finish. Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you!!!

Stay ready so you won’t have to get ready!!!

This morning is a great start to the five-day workweek. I have been indulging myself in activities that had no time to regularly do. Like this morning. I was able to exercise for fifteen minutes in nature without the hassle of stressing if I would be too late for work. Or without the hassle of stressing over what I had on my plate to do today at work. During this time of lockdown and quarantine, there are many things to consider such as immune health. How are you staying healthy? Well, I personally took a carrot, orange, ginger and mint shot after my exercise. I broke out the juicer and made good clean green juice perfect for immune stability and health. On any regular occasion, I would have been so stressed out and tired from working that I would not have time to take care of my body.

I call shame on myself. I am a podcaster and content creator promoting self-love and self-care, yet some times I let the pressures of my day-to-day compound me so much, that I do not and can not focus on my internal health. It takes me a few days to sit back and realize that I am slipping. It happens to the best of us. We all need focus and discipline. And this time is perfect for me to center around that discipline by focusing on my future goal. As this virus will pass. I know it will. We still have to keep our mind, body, and spirit healthy. Exercise is key.

Yes! I know we will all be at home. But we do not all have to be eating poorly while at home. This period should not be an excuse for our health to diminish if we can prevent it. Eat food that will strengthen your immune health. Exercise around the house. Clean up your home. This virus is opening up our eyes to how hygiene is very important. We must clean around us. We must clean inside and outside our bodies as well. Wash your hands. Clean your bladder. Clean your colon. The fruits and vegetable aisles are still going untouched. Now is the time to touch some lettuce, kale, and spinach and break out the old juicer.

Quarantine is rough for most people, but understand that life is more than social gatherings. This time of isolation is ideal to get centered. Start affirming your faith in a higher power. Start to build up your hope. Start setting daily affirmations for your life. Start or complete projects you had no time for before. Pick up a few skills or perfect the skills you have now.

If you are like me and are preparing to take a new journey in your life. Continue to prepare. Do not let this little delay stop you. When God makes you wait it is for a reason. We are all in the waiting room. There is no shame in waiting. However, like the story in the bible with the five (5) virgins, let us keep our lamps trimmed and burning. When the Lord calls us. Then we must stay ready so we won’t have to get ready.

March 20, 2020

So I am still in Quarantine Life. Let me tell you as an introvert I love it. It is amazing. So this is the time that I am getting back to basics. Starting projects and completing projects that I had no time for. That I was too busy to complete. During this time I am committed to doing what I need to do to get back to me. Here we are building blogs and new memories while following our dreams.

Let’s go back to how I had a challenging time with building this website. I mean when I first started blogging back in 2016 I did it on a site, I can’t even remember its name. It was so easy and fun. It didn’t have all the fancy tools this one has but it was good enough. Or so I thought.

It was good enough.

It was my little diary I used to document my feelings and emotions. No one really subscribed or listened outside of my five (5) family members but I loved the outlet and exposure. When I tried again in 2018, I was ready to take on the world again. But I was still using the same site as a diary. I was building and growing. I suppose nothing that is meant to be, comes easy. If it does come easy, then it will be short-lived. Those things that take time to build will last a lifetime. There is a lesson in this for all of us.

Fast-forward to today when I reentered the world of blogging. I went on twitter asking which blog was the best and got two hits. I went with the one that stood out and had the best approach. Remember in my first post I stated that ‘it has to speak to you.’ Well, Skystra spoke to me. The service was awesome and they helped me through it. They use these templates from Divi which look fun and amazing, but I am a simple girl. My tastes when it comes to writing is entirely content-based. I really don’t care for how it structurally appears if it’s not hurting my content. So if my readers can still view my content without any issues I am cool. Yet, we are visual people and structurally we want a site with colors and shapes which looks like its worth our time. So, I allowed my tech, whose name is Fred, God Bless Fred, he is the best. Fred helped me divert to a simpler template and he fixed those things that were confusing and walked me through it.

Listen, Ladies and Gents, I thought this was going to be a walk in the park. It was not. I thought it would have been simpler. But apparently website building takes time and precision. Both things that I do not have. Wait. One thing, I do have. Another, ugh I just wing it some times. So I used Fred who made my life so much easier. If you want to try a cloud hosting service that uses WordPress then try Skystra. They have excellent services and their prices aren’t that bad. And if you ask nicely you may get a promo code. But you didn’t hear that one from me.

Emily was the lady I spoke to via their messaging on Twitter. She was so nice and actually wanted to know about the vision I had for my blog, and what I was aiming for with my blog. She was very attentive and concerned about my process of achieving a good outcome with my website building. This team and the site proved to be worth the time and money. Their efforts were appreciated and I am using their services again for my next blog.

Watch out!!

I will be coming to you again!

So later #writefam

Also, lookout for a press release concerning this blog. We going to Hollywood fam!!!

Blogging for Real

As the script on my Home Page suggests I have reinvented, recreated and reenvisioned my life when it comes to my art of writing. So here it goes. I started blogging in 2016, then stopped to reinvent myself, then started again in 2017 then stopped, then started again in 2018 then stopped. So you get the gist.

Now it is 2020, the year of vision. The year that I am doing things differently. In 2019, I self-published the book ‘Life in the Big City’. It is a reenvisioned short story that has been reimaged and reimagined. Same characters yet different premise. I went the route of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) powered by Amazon. So my book is available on Kindle only presently. For almost a year now the thought of gaining sales for my work has been nagging at me.

Ever had something nag at you constantly?

Well, my books sales have been nagging at me. During the last quarter of 2019, I started a FB page for my book. I also started podcasting which will have its own separate website (I will advise when that website is up and functioning). I started a twitter page just yesterday. I started a hashtag, well two hashtags which haven’t picked up yet but trust me it will. #morningswithmonet and #afternoonswithayla will soon be on all trending boards worldwide in 2021 or sooner. Look out for it!

Anyway, my process has been self-promotion via FB and IG. But the hits have not been hitting. So I rediscovered FIVERR!!! Trust me they work. I used their services when starting my self-publication journey. I will discuss the ups and downs of that process which took me a few months. I will have details for you in later blog updates.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, I have used FIVERR!!! to help me with promoting my novel. I have booked a gig for a Press Release. Listen, I love what I got so far. It is about finding the right gig. And letting that gig speak to you. Also, will give more details on this later.

I have also, booked a gig where I am being promoted on blogs via social media I believe it is. This has been a process for me. Like everything. I had to stop the nag. I had to fulfill this part of my destiny. I was born to write. It’s in my name. Monet Write.

That is my actual name. Well, when I change it. But my last name is Write. Well, no it’s spelled Wright. And my name is Monet. I just reorganized and rearranged my name. That’s note the point. Well, what is the point?

The point is this! I can’t live without writing. It’s like breathing for me. I always have conversations with myself about my art of writing and about my characters. I think about the books I have written and have yet to write constantly. Writing gives me a neutral playing ground to be myself. To be creative. And my creativity gives me imagination. No idea is too big. No premise too small. I once helped a budding writer create ten (10) chapters out of one (1) chapter. It is all about the free flow of ideas. We were on the telephone for about two (2) hours.

I love helping people while writing. So here I am. Bare for you guys. Introducing my brand. My name is Monet Write. My brand is Monet Write. I am also Monet Rondel Ayla. Think of it this way. Monet Write is the organization and Monet Rondel Ayla is a subsidiary.

Thank you for reading. I will give you the name #writefam.